i was the driver; you ran the show

Sex Is A Weapon; It's Like A Drug

It gets him right into that grave that he just dug

character info.
it appears we do not agree.
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critique post.
now you learn to tell funny jokes too!
If you have any comments/suggestions for how I play Pip, please use this post to address all of them with me. Constructive criticism is really appreciated, so if you have any tips or ideas to help better my Pip, I'd be really grateful! Not everybody's perfect and I'd like to see what I could do better with and what I'm already doing well at. Asking for honest critique here, so if you think my Pip sucks, it would really help if you told me why you feel that way so I know what I should work on.

A note: If you have any tips about how his accent should be played with, I would love to hear them. I'm still trying to tinker around with things that feel "right" without being over-the-top and hard to understand, so input would definitely be loved.

Anonymous commenting is enabled and IP logging has been turned off for your comfort. Sock journals are also okay with me if you'd feel more comfortable just PMing me with questions or comments.

❤ why'd you say you're not lonely
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