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it's fiery passionate one-eyed love, bitch.
bromance and other familial feelings.
friendly terms.
no real opinion yet. neutral/other.
you suck.
choke on many dicks and die.

SERAS VICTORIA (dawnsbullet) |
If just any random person asked, he'd probably say it was a physical attraction, but it's not like that would fool anybody. It's clear that he only has eyes... eye for the Draculina. He tends to skip the mushy romantic talk in favor of sexually-motivated harassment. The fact that she can kill him with her pinkie finger doesn't seem to deter him from his perverted goals. Also: BOOBIES I LOVE BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES. He's currently a little freaked out that she's missing an arm and keeping secrets from him, not like that makes him any less interested in her BOOBIES. Unfortunately, as far as Pip knows, the feelings he has for her aren't completely mutual. They argue like an old married couple though, so it really should be more obvious.
CARRIE KELLEY/ROBIN (girlyboywonder) | ●★
...Is a weirdo kid. Pip doesn't know if she's a boy or a girl and she hasn't said. All he knows is that they told him to call them Robin and wears a dorky costume. Whatever, Pip's met weirder nutjobs out there. This is hardly the craziest thing he's seen in his life. They both think the other is weird.
BOBA FETT (noturbf) | ●☠
He's apparently a mercenary from what Pip understands so far. He has a jetpack. Pip wants a jetpack. On some level, Pip doesn't mind him, but feels he could do without the lectures. It feels like his grandpa has come back to haunt him. Also to rub it in his face that he doesn't have a jetpack. There is the potential for some reluctant respect on Pip's part if he'd just get his head out of his ass long enough to appreciate the advice.
They've spoken only a few times so Pip has yet to really get a good feel for her, but so far his impression of her isn't negative. Though she's mentioned vampires living in Rivelata openly, he still hasn't quite wrapped his mind around what she meant, and hasn't connected enough of the dots to realize that she is probably a vampire as well. Right now, he only has his hunches.
JAN VALENTINE (bitchin_beanie) |
He's a vampire on the opposing team. Pip doesn't like that. But more than that, he doesn't like that the guy seems determined to make him into dinner. He freaks Pip out and fills his little Frenchie soul with anger. Other than that, he knows next to nothing about the fucker and doesn't mind it staying that way. Too bad for him.
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