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character info.

NAME: Pip Bernadotte
AGE: Mid/late twenties (for the sake of the game, going with 27)
ROLE IN CANON: Minor character; hired by Hellsing Organization "temporarily".
FANDOM/MEDIUM: Hellsing Ultimate/manga
TIMELINE PERIOD: After his mission to Rio de Janerio with Alucard, but before his demise at the hands of Zorin. (Episode 7)
If it can shoot bullets or detonate in someway, then Pip probably knows how to use it, or at least do damnedest to learn. While he has been trained in close-combat in the past, it's definitely not his strong point. He openly admits that he and his men are useless when it comes to this area, considering most of their battles have been fought at long-range and against, oh you know, other humans. It's like someone set Pip and his men up to fail or something derp. Omg Hirano you're such a dick...

For the most part, Pip Bernadotte's background is unknown, save for most of his involvement with the mercenary group, Wild Geese. Pip is presumably the eighth Bernadotte to inherit the place of captain in Wild Geese. At a young age, Pip had been teased in school about his family's shady choice of work, being labeled as a greedy killer's son. When he confronted his grandfather in tears about such a horrible rumor, his grandfather could only confirm this to be true, in turn setting Pip on the path that would lead him to follow his late father's footsteps without shame. It has never actually been stated exactly how long Wild Geese has been in existence, or even if the Bernadotte family were the ones to have founded it.

During a particularly rough mission in Uganda in 1992, Pip lost his left eye, though this hardly seems to have put a damper on his perverted ogling. He only needs one eye to appreciate a lovely lady, after all!

After the attack on the Hellsing Organization building led by the Valentine Brothers, Hellsing's numbers had dwindled dramatically to the point that only 10 out of 100 original soldiers remained alive. Because of the pressing need to refill those empty spots, Walter Dornez was instructed to hire Pip Bernadotte and his Wild Geese to join Hellsing's ranks. Always eager for a chance at a fat chunk of cash, what kind of a man would Pip be if he turned that offer down? Apparently, before arriving at Hellsing for instruction, Pip had only been told that they would be dealing with "monsters", something that could have easily been interpreted simply as exceptionally foul men, the likes of which Pip was confident he had seen before. He was quite surprised to find that when Hellsing says monster, they mean the very literal definition of the word.

At first, Pip's reaction to this news was disbelief, causing him to question whether or not his newest clients were at all sane. Who has ever believed vampires to be anything more than fairytale? He laughed openly at this, even going so far as to mock Seras Victoria for her small stature, exclaiming, "You are a vampire?" A little sexist, sure, but understandable. Of course, all it took was a brutal beating to the skull that would very quickly change his perception of what was real and what wasn't. Normally, beating someone until their skull cracked wasn't hard work. Normally. But once you take into consideration that Seras did this only by using her index finger, it starts to convince you just a little bit.

From then on, it was up to Wild Geese to cater to Hellsing, replacing the fallen members and basically being ghoul-food in their stead. Pip openly admits that while they were exceptional at long-rage, they became utterly useless chunks of bloody hamburger at close-range. Any soldier lucky enough to have Type A blood is rumored to be especially delicious.

During the mission to Rio de Janerio with Alucard and Seras, Pip begins to attain his first true glimpses of what a vampire is truly capable of. He was awkward around Alucard to the point that it bordered on unpleasant discomfort. The old-as-dirt vampire always managed to conduct himself with an unwavering confidence and a bone-chilling smirk, a fact that Pip didn't need a magnifying glass to notice. It was creepy. And mysterious, or whatever.

As he finally began to gain a deeper understanding of vampires, it appeared that Pip loosened up around Hellsing's vampire crew, even allowing himself to joke with them or teasingly refer to Alucard as "Master" as Seras does. He shows a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to what they are capable of, and he no longer seems to fear it as he does respect it enough to admit when he's no match.

At first glance, Pip is arrogant and perverted, the true embodiment of a greedy, chauvinistic male. He's not afraid of making an enemy as long as he gets a good laugh, and he's certainly not afraid of making an enemy as long as he gets a good chunk of money for it. At the very top of his list, money always seems to come first. Money, then perhaps cigarettes, then women. He likes to think his priorities are in the right place, after having many years to come to terms with his family's mercenary lifestyle. As long as the price tag has a good amount of zeros, Pip will even brave the supernatural unknown. He's still a little skeptical of the idea of vampires and the rest of Hellsing's creeps and crawlies, sometimes resorting to sarcastic commentary in order to help himself wrap his mortal brain around immortal concepts (for example: Alucard's “love beam” that he used to hypnotize a hotel clerk).

At a second glance... Okay well, Pip is still pretty arrogant, greedy and perverted. There's no real getting around that. But he also has a strong sense of honor and can actually be quite compassionate when he finds something beyond money to invest his heart in. After releasing some of his initial fear of vampires and what they were capable of, he formed a strong attachment to Alucard's fledgling, Seras Victoria, an attachment she didn't actually ever completely reciprocate while Pip was still alive. Despite that, his dedication to her proved to be absolute in his final moments, something that spoke volumes about his real feelings for her and his true nature. Even when things were looking their absolute worst and all of his men were dying around him, he had an unwavering faith in Seras and the strength he knew she possessed.

Even when things are looking grim, Pip tries to keep the atmosphere light through humor or sarcasm. He's hardly a prince or a knight in shining armor, but he does what he thinks should be done and stands by his decisions. Despite the fact he does tend to prioritize monetary gain above human lives, it happens to be his own dirty little secret that his family, the men of Wild Geese who put their lives on their line to follow him, have their own place in his heart. He treasures their trust in him and takes their bond as a family very seriously. If he knew he could afford it, he would offer his men the world for their dedication and loyalty. In turn, his men appear just as willing to offer the same to him, indicating that Pip must have treated them well in his time as their captain. He thinks very highly of his men, and even becomes infuriated his men beg to retreat as Zorin leads her attack on Hellsing. Determined to have his men die like heroes, he “motivates” them with a little tough love, saying that their tombstones would brand them as cowards should they try to escape.

Hellsing's universe is a close parallel to ours, save for the supernatural gunslingers, bloodsuckers, zombies, werewolves, and Hitler Youth catboys. They have cars, computers/laptops, cell phones, Star Wars fanclubs, the internet, video games, and basically anything else you may have been able to find up until the year 2000 (and maybe then some, as we all know Hirano is super-duper consistent like that). The three majorly notable organizations (Hellsing, Iscariot, and Millennium) all make use of supernatural creatures of some nature to further their respective causes, which apparently isn't public knowledge in their world as Pip had no clue vampires even existed until he came face to boobies!!! face with one.

There would never be anything in the world to make a soldier feel more alive than to come so close to dying. The battlefield was a harsh reminder that when the bullets start to fly, you were nothing more than a bag of muscle, bones, blood, and fat. It was the most exciting way to get your bitter dose of reality and Pip couldn't imagine any other place he felt more at home. Except perhaps in the arms of a beautiful woman, but that was more of a preference than anything. He was the master of his craft, the bullets were his to command, and the endorphin rush he was experiencing was enough to make him drunk.

It was refreshing to have that bulletproof feeling again. In the short time it had taken for Hellsing to immerse the French mercenary in the world of the supernatural, his pride as a soldier (and a man) had suffered numerous bruises. From realizing just how mortal being mortal really was to starting to fall for a woman who could kill him with her pinkie finger, the morale of Pip and his men had quickly begun to drop. How could bags of flesh compete against undead super soldiers? The answer was simple enough, really; They couldn't. They were damned from the moment they accepted their first paycheck. And it was only until they could come to terms with and face this horrible and beautiful truth that they would become stronger. Or somezing.

Except all of that was completely irrelevant and not the right moment to become stronger at all. For you see, the Frenchman had more important things on his mind. Just a minute ago (or so it seemed?), Pip Bernadotte had been bravely commanding his men to die like dogs protecting Hellsing from Zorin and her vampire henchmen. Now he was on a boat (motherfucker) and as far away from that claustrophobic little makeshift stronghold as he could ever be. In fact, the whole thing was so sudden that Pip almost wondered if it was all just a big stupid dream. Hell, who could believe that vampires, catboys, and giant ugly women with bulging muscles and hideous face tattoos really existed? It was nonsense! It was-- Owwwww.

The proof that it wasn't a dream came in the form of a deliciously red wound in his side, currently spilling out more of that delicious red. The red was blood, in case that wasn't obvious.

“Oh.” He said aloud, in a voice sounding as though all of this just happened to be another boring day in the life of Pip. “Oh.” he said again, shortly followed by, “Well zis 'urts.” Yes. Yes it did hurt.

In fact, it hurt so much that Pip's single good eye rolled into his head and he was lulled back into an inky black sleep by a combination of mind-numbing pain and the gentle rocking of some strange boat on foreign waters. There would be time for screaming and freaking out later. Assuming he didn't bleed out first. But right now, there was a very exhausted mercenary that just needed a fucking nap.

FIRST PERSON: So... sooooooo. I am supposed to be writing in this thing? How stupid. I do not get paid to write silly nonsense caca things. I get paid to make with the explosions and the shooting. But if you pay me, then maybe I will think of writing things. I will write crappy poems if I get money, for example. Is that what people do? I do not know! I will write a crappy poem about a tree in the spring. You want to read that? I do not think so. I do not know what is good for poems.

[Nonsense scribbles go here. Perhaps one of them is meant to be a tree. Or he is just getting frustrated.]

I do not get money for this stupid! How do these things only happen to me? I am human! Yet I get mixed up in all these... [More nonsense scribbles.] These spooky creepie crawlie things! I just want my money.

My hat... it is covered... it is dirty. I do not get money and my hat is dirty. I will charge the bourgeoisie extra for this! ...You know. Whenever it is that I will see her. My rates will go up for every day that I do not receive compensation! Non! For every hour!

Yep, Bernadotte, now you will sit back and wait for the dough to roll in.

This is probably obvious but I figure I'll put it here anyway. Pip has a strange French accent but that won't really be present in his writing. His writing will probably just be awkward and peppered with occasional strikeouts where he wrote something incorrectly. In-person conversations is where his accent will show up, and I'm willing to provide translations for that if it's too much gibberish to understand. XD;
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